Education Campaign to Prevent Sexual Abuse




--Defining and understanding sexual abuse

--Interactive activities such as the skit with Bucko the Puppet

--Basics of sexual safety

--How families can protect their children


Project Dignidad will collaborate with governments and non-profit organizations in the state of Chiapas to create a public education campaign to help citizens prevent sexual abuse.


We recognize that violence against women is a manifestation of historically unequal power relations between women and men which has led to discrimination that prevents women's advancement. Women and girls are exposed to a higher risk of gender-based violence than men. The research team at ProjectDignidad collaborated with experts in sexual abuse prevention to create the foundational curriculum for the education campaign. Your support will fund the network of trained individuals to deliver this curriuclum throughout the state.  


We seek to prevent and eliminate sexual violence by:

  • Collaborating with state organizations to design policies and measures for the protection of and assistance to victims of sexual violence.
  • Leading the campaign to implement educational programs in schools and municipalities to identify, expose, and prevent sexual violence.
  • Promoting state and national co-operation to identify and eliminate sexual violence.
  • Collaborating with the information and communication technology sector and the media to disseminate information designed to understand and prevent sexual violence and to enhance respect for women’s dignity.



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