emerged from a Mexican woman’s experiences in southern Mexico and in Cuidad Juárez. Anay Palomeque experienced childhood repeated rape resulting in fistulas and cancer along with abuses she suffered as a young woman working in a maquiladora. She turned that part of her life into a platform that she now owns and stands upon to advocate for women’s rights in Mexico.


Her Mexican Civil Association seeks to improve women’s dignity and to stop gender violence in Mexico through:

 is a U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 



The ADVISORY COUNCIL  will ensure fiscal and ethical responsibility:


          IN THE US:

        Elaine Hampton, Ph.D., International Director, Owner STEM Education Associates,

Becky Hammack, Ed.D., Dean College of Nursing, Abilene Christian University

Adriana Alvarez, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Bilingual Education, University of Texas Austin

Freda Coalson, Ed.D., Clinical Psychologist



Alfredo Arreola, Agronomy Engineer, Site Director

Isabel Gutierrez, Nurse Administrator, Site Director

Maria Gonzalez, Owner/Manager, Cheese Factory

Ana Escobar, University Registrar

Ana Nataren, Psychologist

Andrea Cruz, Psychologist

Jairo Palomeque, Business Owner

Lorena Ramirez

Roberto and Anahi Meza