We are friends in Mexico and the United States who understand that families and communities

are stronger when women are safe and are educated.

Project Dignidad has the structure to make that happen.



To eliminate sexual violence

in southern Mexico


Education and support are essential to keeping families safe and to aid the survivors of sexual abuse. 


Current efforts of Project Dignidad include the Women's Shelter and Sexual Abuse Prevention Education Campaign. 

Women's Shelter

Veronica helped in the coffee, cacoa, and corn fields, and walked almost three hours each day to attend the nearest high school.  When one of her teachers sexually abused her, her grades fell.  “How could I study in school? I had to see him all the time!” She is now living in the women's shelter, Casa Dignidad, where she receives tutoring and counseling. She is pursuing a career in nursing.


Sexual Abuse Prevention

Around the globe, approximately one in every three girls and one in every five boys suffer sexual abuse. The abuse is worse in areas of extreme poverty and isolation. Project Dignidad seeks to educate communities in order to prevent and eliminate sexual abuse. 


Working together, we can protect thousands of children from

sexual violence.





ARTWORK provided by CREATIVE KIDS, El Paso, Texas

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